Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sunnie is off ALL 7 of her Pain Medications

Way to go girl! Sunnie is off ALL 7 of her pain meds!

Get started today, this could be YOU!

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"Hi everyone, I'm Sunnie :) here's my Testimony!!! 
Personally I have lost over 27 lbs, and tons of inches. I have Post Polio Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Disc Degeneration. My left arm was shattered from a fall, and I also had fractured neck, broken sternum, and bruised heart from an auto accident. In 2009 I had neck surgery and had two disc replaced with Titanium disc and six screws. Before the neck surgery I was treated with steroid shots to my spine for pain which spiked my cholesterol plus I gained about 20 plus lbs. I was on several medication, and spent most of my time in bed."

"Within the first two weeks of taking this product, a lot of my pain went away, today I am practically pain free. I am no longer pre-diabetic and I no longer spend my days in bed. I am on a natural high, I'm energized, happy and healthy, passionate about life and good health. I went from taking 7 different prescription medication to not taking any. My condition and symptoms may never go away and I still have some days where I need some down time, but they are few and in between. Although, I am at my ideal weight, I continue take it at a lower dosage for the many health benefits it provides and the digestive enzymes. It is all natural and I LOVE how it makes me feel!! This is my personal testimony. "

Get started today, this could be YOU!

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