Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Asian Veggie Stir Fry Recipe

Asian Veggie Stir Fry


1 head Bok Choy, white separated from green 
2 big cloves garlic grated or minced fine
2 cups red bell pepper cut into match sticks
8 oz. sliced mushrooms
2 large green onions cut thin, both parts
½ cup carrots chopped like peppers
1 1X1 inch fresh ginger grated
1 tablespoon unrefined sesame oil
2 tablespoon soy sauce (tamari for gluten free)
½ cup chicken or vegetable broth
1 lime
¼ teaspoon cayenne
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
Teaspoon honey (optional)


1. Cut white part of bok choy in long strips 2 X 1 inch and set aside. Greens can be chopped in large pieces.

2. Heat oil in medium high pan. Ad peppers and carrots and stir fry for 3-5 minutes.

3. Add mushrooms, whites of bok choy , onions and stir fry another 2-3 minutes stirring often.

4. Add ginger and garlic, for 1 minute, add soy, cayenne, lime, honey and chicken broth.

5. Add greens of bok choy and cilantro and combine. Heat for another minute or two until greens wilt slightly.

Can Add Cooked Chicken or Shrimp and serve over brown rice, miracle noodles, quinoa.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Jennifer lost 37 inches and 14 pounds with Skinny Fiber

Meet Jennifer:

"Before picture is in February 2014. After picture is in June 2014. Skinny fiber has really helped me. I'm still a work in progress but let me tell you I love skinny fiber. I've lost 37 total inches and 14 lbs in a little over 4 months. I sleep better, eat less, have confidence back which in turn I'm finding me again. I can't say enough about this product. Also I'm still breastfeeding which skinny fiber has helped with that as well. I no longer need a supplement called fenugreek my milk supply has increased & it hasn't bothered my 17 month old.  Also use to have a headache on a daily basis not any longer with skinny fiber.  So what are you waiting on??"

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Rochelle has lost 33 pounds and 39 inches!

Rochelle says:

"Okay You all Asked...Here they are. Please be kind.

The Top pictures were taken near the beginning of my Journey May 2013.

The Pink, taken April 2014.

I have gone done 3 Shirt sizes, 2 pant sizes, 2 cup sizes in my bra.

My face, breast, arms , Mid Section, butt and even my legs have gone down.
Down 33 pounds and Over 39".
Before I started Doctor said I was going to be put on Diabetic medication, Cholesterol medication and Blood Pressure medication. Within 5 months of Being on Skinny Fiber, I was no longer at Risk for those and back into "normal" levels. PLUS he approved of Skinny Fiber!
Skinny Fiber makes me feel full so I eat less. It helps boost my energy and Metabolism. It also curves my appetite and cravings for those things like Sweets,Sugars and salty items.
My body requests Water, Fruit and veggies now.
Even my hair and nails grow quicker and stronger.
Remember all those medications I was suppose to go on? They would of been $30 each for a total of $90 a MONTH for them.  Skinny Fiber $59.95 a month ( the more you buy, the cheaper it is) So I was SAVING $30 a MONTH , PLUS my HEALTH!"

Skinny Body Care has a 90 Day Money back Guarantee as Of June 1st.

So what do you have to lose besides Pounds and Inches?

When you complete the Challenge get a 90 Day Challenge you will get a T-shirt Plus a certificate of completion from our CEO Ben Glinsky.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

If you read no other testimony READ THIS ONE!!!!!

If you read no other testimony READ THIS ONE!!!!!

Way to go Daphne!!! Amazing!!!

"My name is Daphne and here is my story……I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have been obese since I was a child. Most of my life I was considered morbidly obese by the medical field.

About 16 years ago, I had a gastric bypass surgery. With this surgery I did learn that I was in fact, "addicted to food" as the doctor's had tried to convince me of. I got down to 175 very briefly but quickly went back up to the 220 - 230 range. That is where I stayed for well over a decade.

When I decided to get serious about my health and start making some much needed changes I was able to get down to 170 briefly but then gained the weight back again. I was now up to 207 again. After a month of that I was ready to get some of that weight off again. I got down to 194 on my own but could not seem to get down less than that.

As a recovering alcoholic I had SEVERE sugar cravings. I couldn't seem to beat them. I started taking Skinny Fiber a little over a year ago. It helped a GREAT DEAL with the sugar cravings! As a matter of fact I really don’t even care for milk chocolate anymore; it’s too sweet for me. I still love dark chocolate though.

With the help of Skinny Fiber, I got down to 172 during my 90 day challenge. Then at 120 days in I was down to 163. I got stuck there for a good while, but I was ready to make any more lifestyle changes for a while. I did notice however that my body was still slowly transforming and people continued to tell me that it appeared that I was still getting smaller. I also went down another pant size even though I was the same weight.

When I finally became ready to incorporate some necessary lifestyle changes to take my health to the next level, I started using the fitness pal ap and it helped me to see what areas of my diet I needed to improve on. I also started incorporating more than just walking the dogs in my exercise program and that is when I started seeing drastic improvement.

I am doing strength training too now to help tighten up the loose skin from loosing over 100% of my current body weight AND so that at a sitting point I will be burning more calories if I have more muscle on my body.

What Skinny Fiber did for me is got my body back in the healthy state to lose weight, helped a HUGE deal with cravings and I noticed that as my body got healthier I ACTUALLY WANTED to eat more healthy food! (Never in my life has that happened!) When I saw my body transforming after only one month and not just the same body shape, but actually transforming, I was impressed!

I have lost weight many times but never seen that before. Typically, I see the same body shape, just smaller. So, even thought I didn't really think the Skinny Fiber was working the first month, the pictures show otherwise. So I kept taking it (I was seriously going to return it before I saw the update pic next to the original pic) and I am so glad that I did! It took my body about 3 1/2 weeks to go through the detox phase so right about then is when the weight just started coming off. After I saw the one month update pic I was motivated it put forth a little effort, so I did, and as I kept loosing was more motivated to put forth more effort. I did not change everything all at once. I made rather small changes over a long period of time.

After taking SF a while I no longer have to take 13 prescriptions a day. I take two and they are both minimal doses, THAT'S IT. I have had to take a handful of prescriptions for over two decades!!! I feel healthy now from the inside out. I choose to take Skinny Fiber on a daily basis because it is good for my body and helps my body to process food the way it was meant to. I do notice a difference in the way my body FEELS overall if I miss a day. Continuing to take it is just my personal choice. I am not actually at my goal weight just yet. Have some more work to do to get there. If you have any additional questions, feel free to message me. I have attached my 90 day challenge pic and YES YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT."

Just do it!!!!
We now have a 90 day guarantee ... Skinny Fiber is so awesome the company knows if you do our 90 day challenge and make a commitment ... 90 days is nothing compared to feeling and looking awesome!!! We know you will you WILL lose weight !

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Check out Kirstie's Before & After Photos!

Meet Kirstie:

"These are the results of my very 1st 90 day challenge with Skinny Fiber...

I just have to say, even tho I tracked my progress on the website, I never really noticed the loss....

I didn't change any of my diet at all, yes I still enjoyed the occasional bit of chocolate, and 'naughty' foods... I don't believe in depriving myself of a few simple pleasures in life, but I didn't over eat, never felt hungry and I didn't have any cravings for junk food..

I started exercising more at the beginning, but sadly the motivation just didn't last, but that's ok, something else to aim for next time...

I am happy with these results, its the very 1st time I have lost weight in I think forever.... and ok the kgs didn't melt away, but I never expected Skinny Fiber to be a miracle pill... healthy weight loss takes time.

If any of you are thinking about trying Skinny Fiber, stop thinking about it and do it..... the results will amaze you."

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Caleb has lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks

Meet Caleb.  I'm so proud!  He has lost 17 pounds in the last 6 weeks doing Skinny Fiber! 

He did Skinny Fiber over a year ago and lost 20 pounds but then started college and gained the freshman 15. This is his story. 

He says....

"For a while I fell into a depression after my first heartbreak, constant hours of league of legends, eating whole pizzas and 2 liters all by myself twice a day hardly skating just being unproductive. I realized if I sat around in my own self pity that i'd never accomplish anything thinking about the "what ifs" in life.

I took a before photo on the left, something I had never done before on June 5th, two days before my birthday. I told myself I was about to be 20 years in my prime and I wanted to live like it.

I'm not done yet and still have a long way to go before I reach my goal body, but I'm way closer than I ever was. Thank you Skinny Fiber and thank you to my new bike!"

See how Skinny Fiber works at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kerry has lost 27 pounds and 24 inches since April

Kerry says:
“I started my 90 day challenge back in April….I have lost 27 lbs and 24 inches all over! I deal with HBP, hypothyroidism, arthritis, pre-diabetes and pain from an auto accident I was in a few years ago, so losing weight is difficult for me. My weight has always been a struggle for me since I was in elementary school when I began gaining. I am an emotional eater and sometimes I seem to never feel full. I saw a post on FB one day about a year ago from someone who posted a recipe. I liked it and started to follow her. She posted a lot of great stuff and some of these were about this product called Skinny Fiber. I watched her lose 85 lbs on this during the 9 months I followed her. I finally decided to give this a try. I was skeptical since I have tried many products before and nothing ever helped or I wasn’t able to try a product because of my thyroid condition/HBP. Since Skinny Fiber is all natural, with no added stimulants or drugs, I ordered my first bottle. I didn’t even take it when it first came….I was still afraid to take it thinking I had wasted my money. I finally did start, I could always return the empty bottle if I didn’t like it for my money back so I opened it up. By the end of my first week on it, I noticed I was fuller at meals. I started drinking water…a lot. At least 80 oz a day now. I decided to give up soda. During my second month I began exercising…I am limited due to my injuries but I am walking and biking…joined the YMCA and love it! My whole family goes now and we all work out. I am a work in progress…my journey has only just begun. I just wish I started on Skinny Fiber earlier!”
What are you waiting for?
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Lila has lost over 80 pounds

Lila says..
“The many looks and changes of Lila! Yup that’s me!
Thank you Ben Glinsky! Skinny Fiber has changed my life. I feel very Blessed!
I have lost over 80 lbs. And I feel like a teenager again! I am still taking my 4 supplements a day, till I lose another 50. I can run up and down stairs! Walk a few miles! and not run out of breath!
Skinny Fiber has saved my life! I no longer take cholesterol medication or high blood pressure pills, My A1C is way down! I feel like a miracle has happened and I am so very happy and proud! I eat my own food and do not have to count calories! My appetite has changed tremendously! Oh I still crave and want but not like I used to.”
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Theresa has lost 20 lbs and 3 pant sizes with Skinny Fiber!

Theresa says:

"Anyone that knows anything about me knows that I suck at routine, at consistency and at following through. That is something I'm working on LOL. But look at this... One year!!!! Some months I didn't take SF, some days I didn't get in all my water, some weeks I was lazy and tired and immobile. But.... Now I have a waist. The weight loss only totals about 20lbs but I'm down 3 pant sizes, so screw the scale. I'm loving my shape, my energy and I can't wait to see the rest of this story!!"

See how Skinny Fiber works at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Coach Marcus

Instagram: coachmarcusj

Monday, July 7, 2014

Keri lost 35 pounds on the SBC 90 Day Challenge

Here is Keri.  35 pounds lighter! :)

"My 90 days is here. I weighed 265 lbs. When I began My "Skinny Fiber" Challenge. My Pants size was a 22. I'm now at 230 lbs. still shedding the pounds, and my pants size is down to a 20. In the past I tried other diet supplements, They just didn't workout. I was still wanting to eat after I just ate. So when I first heard of "Skinny Fiber" I was skeptic about trying it out. Thinking to myself, "Oh,no not another one of those get skinny dream pills." Then I kept seeing posting of Skinny Fiber on my newsfeed, Seeing the results of others made me curious. So I finally tried Skinny Fiber. Its helped me curb my appetite. I'm finding my self not hungry often. I did change my eating habits. I cut out alot of sweets, like candy bars, sodas,(diet ones as well),chips,I might of a portion size of cake or cookie but I don't go over board. I cut down on my starch intake too. Haven't had rice! I'm a Island girl Rice is a must have in our meals, but haven't touched it since. Added more veggies, and fruits to my meals. This is just my beginning,and I'm loving it! Last but not least I'm not afraid of stepping on a scale anymore..lol!"

Skinny Fiber works!  Buy 3, Get 3 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

*The average  weight lost on the 90 Day Challenge is 15 pounds

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's never too late to start losing weight

It's never too late to start

Paul is ROCKING a new look and healthy lifestyle!!! WTG, Paul!!!

"My name is Paul, I live in Arizona. I have struggled with obesity most of my adult life. I have lost weight many times but always put it back on. Early last year my 33yr marriage ended and I was struggling with my weight again. I was depressed and doing a lot of "comfort eating".

My weight increased to 400 lbs and due to lack of exercise my legs were useless. I'm a type 2 diabetic and my blood sugars were out of control and my A1c was 11.5 which can cause renal failure and other health issues. So last Sept I made a life changing decision to get healthy and stay that way. So I started going to the local fitness center and started a workout program and an "eating clean" regime. I quit drinking soda, cut out fast and processed food, and started drinking water.

In Oct I had lost 34lbs then I discovered Skinny Fiber, I decided to take the 90 Day Challenge on Oct.21, 2013 I weighed 377lbs. I continued to exercise and eat clean. At the end of the challenge in Jan. I have lost 53 lbs with Skinny Fiber and 14 waist sizes! Today I weigh 315lbs down 85lbs total, and still at it. There is no finish line in this lifestyle I'm ever thankful I found SF and made that life changing decision. It saved my life!!"

Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight with whatever eating plan you choose. It makes it easier to stick with your plan by curbing your appetite, cutting the cravings, making you feel full quicker. Simply take 2 capsules with a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your two largest meals.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Are you looking for a safe way to lose weight?

Are you looking for a safe way to lose weight? A way to get your body working with you in the battle of the bulge? Skinny Fiber is a 100% natural product that will help you lose weight get healthy safely effectively and easily!

Finally an easier way - check it out at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

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90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Each bottle lasts 30 Days. 

Coach Marcus 

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Skinny Fiber worked great for Bob

This is Brenda's husband, Bob.

"Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my husband, Bob's 90 Day Challenge results:

This is actual testimony, whether you want to lose a lot of weight or a little weight but get healthy like me by getting rid of the toxins that clog the blood and raise triglycerides, or those with cholesterol problems Skinny Fiber does work, my triglycerides were at 1200 when I started taking this, now I can't wait to see what they are, doctor wanted me to take this prescription to lower them but I refuse to take chemicals or man made junk or be pushed into things, but I did it with skinny fiber it's all natural and I'm proud of the fact that I feel great, and look good, no more beer belly, try it, what have you got to lose, besides weight, and get rid of all those toxins that you've been dumping in your body since you were able to eat on your own."

See how Skinny Fiber works at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Natasha is rockin' with Skinny Fiber!

Natasha says:

"Well here goes nothing!! I have had so many people want to see my before & after, I finally decided it was time!! This is me in December & June. I have lost about 11 pounds & tons of inches….I will have to find my original measurements to know exactly how many for sure.

This product has changed my life. I have had Crohn’s disease for 16 years now & I have never felt better!! I am finally sleeping through the night & have tons of energy & just feel overall healthy!!

One of my biggest problems has always been eating larger portions than I should; Skinny Fiber has changed that for me. I generally eat healthy, but was just eating too big of a portion. Now I drink tons of water, eat way smaller portions throughout the day only when I’m hungry & get out walking!!

I can't say enough about this product & love that I can now help others too!! I love Skinny Fiber & I love what I do!!

Also, my boyfriend who is also on Skinny Fiber & has been since December, has noticed a huge drop in his blood pressure that he has been taking medication for for two years!!"

Get your Skinny on!! 100% Natural!! NO Wraps!! NO Shakes!! NO Fake Food!! NO Hormones!! Start your journey & get healthy today!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barry dropped 25 pounds and several inches with Skinny Fiber


Barry says he sleeps better, feels better and has more energy since starting SF, the only regret he has is NOT doing his measurements, 10 months later 25 lbs gone and a ton of inches, off one blood 
pressure med, cholesterol down all thanks to Skinny Fiber.

Order yours here www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Brenda has lost 24 pounds and 36.5 inches since April 2014!

Woo Hooo!! GO BRENDA!!! 

She says,...
"Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the results of my 90 Day Challenge. 

Since starting in April, I have lost 24 pounds and 36.5 inches! I have gone from wearing a size 16 to a size 10! I also feel so much better and I sleep better. The health benefits alone are enough to keep me taking it. Although I do look forward to seeing the results of my next 90 Day Challenge, which I started today. Skinny Fiber really works! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight or get healthier even if you don't need to lose any weight. Just take 2 capsules twice a day and drink lots of water. It doesn't get any easier than that."

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Check out Jasmine's Updated Before & After Photos

This is not the first time I have shared Jasmine's Before & After photos.  She recently posted an updated picture of herself.  Skinny Fiber is working great for Jasmine!  

She says:

"Newly updated from last week  I do have a sluggish metabolism, I am turning 46 in 2 months, but I refuse to go down without a fight! Been a year and maintaining my weight loss! You can too, I believe in every single one of you!! My sugar is regulated, my BP and cholesterol levels are normal and healthier now in my 40's than I was ever in my 30's! Proof is in results been over a year now and on a half dose of Skinny Fiber, but still working and loving it!!"

See how Skinny Fiber works at www.GetFitWithMarcus.com 

Her Last Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This is Jackie after using Skinny Fiber for 1 month....WOW!!

This is Jackie...One month on Skinny Fiber...Just goes to show that everyone's body is different and it works fast for some and slower for others. The key is to take it consistently and Drink your water!!

Jackie says: --"Really the only change I made was cutting out pop and coffee creamer, still cooking the same but have been eating way less then normal as I get full very fast now, no exercise besides chasing after my kids lol."


Order your Skinny Fiber
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tracy lost 11 pounds and 19.5 inches on the SBC 90 Day Challenge

Check out Tracy...

Tracy Lavonne Beitz-Farr

"Update!!! I've completed my 90 day challenge with Skinny Fiber!! I am 40 years old and thought I would never look thin again! I have not exercised. I try to drink more water but its hard for me. 80 ounces a day if I can (Half my body weight in ounces). I will admit that this month I have missed a lot of my pills and was eating horribly again AND drinking way toooooo much but I'm back on track! SF makes me feel full and I eat less. Love it! My acid reflux is gone!! No more throwing up in the shower or on myself in the car (I know, GROSS). I lost 11 pounds and 19.5 inches all around which is the MAIN THING I NEEDED. Also my anxiety has not been bothering me and my nails are super strong! I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!!! (Look how baggie the bathing suit bottoms are getting, teehee)"

To order your Skinny Fiber and get started please go to: www.winwithmarcusj.com

Monday, June 23, 2014

Teen Weight Loss Challenge!

My goal is to help 3 teenagers get started on their weight loss journey before the end of June.  If they complete the 90 Day Challenge, they'll have a chance to win an iPad.  See how it works at www.lifecoachtamara.sbcteenchallenge.com 

Coach Marcus 

Instagram: coachmarcusj

Audrea completed the 90 Day Challenge and lost 35 pounds & 50 inches!!

Miss Audrea says...

"Since my 90 day challenge I've lost 35 lbs and 50 inches, without diet or exercise! I just started my second 90 day challenge, to reach my goal of another 40 lbs..I also don't have high blood pressure anymore and my sugar don't drop, it used to drop daily! And my IBS is gone! I will never stop taking it, I feel better than I have in years! I love my skinny fiber!" 

Start your journey now. Skinny Fiber works!  
See how at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Coach Marcus 

Wilda completed the 90 Day Challenge and lost 21 pounds!

Check out Wilda...

"Here I am 90 days later weighing in at 245 pounds I've lost a total of 21 pounds in 90 days and I went from a size 20 in pants to a size 16 and I went from 4&3ex tops to a 2ex top I feel better my asthma is better my knee I had surgery on I no longer walk with a limp 245 and pushing for a size 14 I am soooo proud of myself I even eat right now every now and then I treat myself but I know how far to go."

Become a healthier skinnier you today! Click on www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Coach Marcus

Friday, June 20, 2014

Aisha has lost inches off her stomach with Skinny Fiber

Hi this is Aishah:

"I took the 90 Day Challenge with Skinny Fiber. Today is my 81st day, of the challenge and I am posting my before and after pictures. I am pretty amazed with the product. I have tried other products, but nothing worked. I believed my metabolism died. 

My weight gain begin after my hysterectomy in 1999. At that time I weighed about 160 lbs, size 12/14. One year after the surgery, I had gained 100 lbs. I knew I was gaining weight, but I didn't know why, and what to do about it. I just kept buying bigger clothes, up to a size 24. At size 24, I said no more sizes up, so I stabilized at size 22. I'm not a big eater and I walked 2 miles a day to work. Finally I just gave up and begin to live with it, like this is who I am - take it or leave it. 
When Skinny Fiber came on my facebook page, I ignored it, because products with fiber in them do not work well with my system. They work a little too good and too fast (runs). Skinny Fiber, no not for me.

Something (I don't believe in coincidence) made me check out the type of fiber that was in the product....like I know the difference. But I did say maybe along with the other ingredients the fiber might be so bad. So I tried Skinny Fiber and here I am 81 days later. I have lost a hugh amount of belly fat, 10lbs, and one dress size. I'm taking another 90 Day Challenge and however many it takes to lose 100 lbs. Oh, I mean 90 lbs, excuse me.

Take the 90 Day Challenge with me."

Learn more at www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Read Ruth's Skinny Fiber Story

Ruth says:

"Beginning, 30 days & 1 year! .... 
Skinny Fiber reduced my portion sizes. 
Eliminated cravings for junk. Including but not limited to: French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino, Dr Pepper, Fudge Covered Graham Crackers, Heath Candy Bars, Garlic Cheese Bread w/Marinara Sauce.
Blocked fat & calories.
Stimulated my metabolism.
Detoxed my cells & organs.
Helped my body properly digest, process food & eliminate waste.
Helped me reverse being dehydrated.
Shrank my stomach. (a LOT less expensive than gastric bypass with no side effects)
I did NOT:
COUNT calories or points
DRINK meal replacement shakes
EAT pre made meals
(and I didn't exercise either, but WE SHOULD! )
QUIT taking Skinny Fiber
Take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 2X daily with 16oz water. (well, for the first 6 months anyway ... I have struggled this year taking 2 doses EVERY day )
Drink half my body weight in oz of water
Eat the same meals I have always prepared for my family. ... though I have found myself wanting more raw veggies & so started serving them with dinner. !!!
Have a treat when I wanted one.
Quit drinking French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino & Soda Pop (Been TRYING TO QUIT FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS!!! ALWAYS MISERABLY FAILED! )"

If interested in hearing about an all-natural fiber product that is helping many with their weight loss and health goals, click here: www.getfitwithmarcus.com

Monday, June 16, 2014

She's down 6 pounds and 11.75 inches in 15 Days!

Lacrecia just shared her progress with her current 90 Day Challenge:

Day 15 and she's down 6 lbs and 11.75 inches! Skinny Fiber is a BELLY BUSTER!

Join the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge and take advantage of our specials.
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE ~ Buy 3 Get 3 FREE at www.SkinnyBodyIn90Days.com

Sunday, June 15, 2014

This is Mickie Lynn!!!! Wow!!!

This is Mickie Lynn!!!! Wow!!!

"Better Late Than Never. Here is my 95 day update! I am a customer of Skinny Fiber and not a distributor at this time! I have not had a soda since February 13th. I (still haven't) finished a bottle of skinny fiber. I am only taking one pill a day. I have lost a bunch of weight and can wear a 16 top and a 16/18 pant, down from a 26. I am active, I feel great, and I eat what I want. (just smaller portions). I have PCOS and no periods for 3 years, my periods have returned and are normal and regular. I am excited to continue til my next 90 days!!! Before was in January of this year. 330 lbs. Size Euro24 On at the time..... was tight. (euro24 is closer to our 26-28) After pic is today, Mossimo size Large shirt on. Size 16/18 yoga pants. Blue tanktop is a youth XL. My feet have shrank from a 9W to an 8. My arms have shrunk. Everything feels better. but I did pull a muscle and haven't worked out in a week. Back at it today in the pool though!!!! I love skinny fiber! I love my progress. and I LOVE the motivation I get from my weight loss support group!!!!!! Don't think you can't do it as you can! Order yours today and start making those changes for a healthier lifestyle!!!!!"

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dina lost 23 pounds with Skinny Fiber!

Dina says...

"Here is a side by side of me on day 1 of Skinny Fiber, 3 months later and 6 months later. In this six month comparison I lost 23 pounds with very little exercise and I did not consciously change my eating habits, although I did eat less carbs and sugars. I didn't measure my inches . I have low thyroid and losing weight is really a struggle for me, losing 23 pounds for someone with low thyroid is like losing 50 for someone with a healthy thyroid. Since losing that 23 pounds I have hit a stall.  In February I became very lethargic and was not feeling normal, the doctor increased my thyroid replacement and I started taking several thyroid supplements. Today the fatigue is mostly gone, I do have ocasional bad days. But it is time to jump start this weight loss routine again, I have started exercising again and am trying to be more active throughout the day (no more crawling back into bed 2-3 times a day). I take my Skinny Fiber 2 times a day, sometimes 3 if I am having a really hungry day, and the scale is starting to move in the right direction again. This is the first time that I have stuck to something for this long, I love Skinny Fiber and don't plan to ever quit using it."

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Shonna has lost 30 pounds!

Shonna has lost 30 pounds!

"Hi Everyone! My name is Shonna van Ree and I am proof that Skinny Fiber works! I started using Skinny Fiber 19 months ago and I was180lbs. After my first month I lost 10 lbs! I am now 150lbs! 

Skinny Fiber is the only product I have used that doesn't have any side effects! I love that each ingredient is natural and has an important job. Not only have I lost 30 lbs but I feel great! I no longer have migraines or IBS. I sleep better and best of all I don't crave junk food! You've gotta try it! You're going to love it!"

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amanda has lost 15 pounds and over 16 inches on the SBC 90 Day Challenge

Amanda's story!

"Here's my 90 day challenge completion!!!!

After seeing my before pic (from July) at my kids' baptism I was sick to my stomach and decided I needed to make some changes.
Starting in Sept 2013 I started doing portion control and drinking more water throughout the day. I also quit drinking pop and fast food. On my own from Sept - Nov I lost a total of 25 lbs and 3 pants sizes and shirt sizes. I took the holidays off so I could enjoy being with my family and was able to maintain my weight for 4 months but wasn't able to get going again on losing.

In February I bought my first bottle of Skinny Fiber and started taking it on March 1, 2014. In my first month I lost 6 inches overall but no weight without changing anything I was already doing and with no exercise...that's when I knew this product worked and decided I wanted to help others and joined as a distributor!!!

I just completed my first 90 day challenge and I have lost a total of 15 lbs and over 16 inches overall. I've also dropped a pants size and a shirts size.

When I started my weight loss journey I was wearing a size 18/20 in pants and am now in a size 11/12 (a size I haven't worn since jr. high but I'm still weighing more than I did at that time). Losing the inches is absolutely amazing!!!

I love Skinny Fiber and can't wait to see what my next 90 day challenge brings me!!!! Thank you everyone for all your support and inspirations!!!"

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Skinny Fiber is helping kids, too!

Love that this all natural product is helping so many!

Rosita shares....
"Hello everyone this is my daughter Natasha she is 16 yrs old and finished her first 90 day challenge on SKINNY FIBER and has lost 23 pounds..... And feeling good about herself!!! I'm so proud of her and the journey we are both in for a healthier life! "

Who's next? Start your Skinny Fiber 90 Day challenge here: I am your skinny Fiber Distributor, if you have any questions please ask!
Skinny Fiber is an All Natural Supplement! It is a capsule that helps you stick with your program! You choose your own eating plan. Some do low carb, low calorie, weight watchers, etc.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Roxann says: "I Just love Skinny Fiber and how it has helped me."

Meet Roxann:

"Hey everyone I wanted to share my latest pic because I just 

cant believe it is me! I am down 26 pounds and 21 inches 

since Oct 2013. I just love Skinny Fiber and how it has 

helped me. "

Skinny Fiber works!

Toucha is down 30 pounds and 42 inches!

Look at what Toucha says:

"Ok everyone here is my new update , since i started Skinny Fiber in December 2013 ...as of today i am down 30 pounds and 42 inches ....i am still a work in progress but i will do it ......."

Yes.  You will do it, Toucha!

Skinny Fiber works!  www.getfitwithmarcus.com

These are her pictures from December 2013.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brandi lost 60 pounds before Skinny Fiber and lost 15 more with Skinny Fiber!

Meet Brandi:

"This is my Story..... Hi, My name is Brandi I have lost 75 in total!

60 pounds loss was from me watching my diet and increasing my protein and lowering my carb intake and LOTS OF WATER! 

Then the pounds did not want to come off anymore and I tried everything to changing my diet even more and changing my exercise routine, I even looked into getting a trainer for the gym but I was not about to pay over $1500. THEN my friend introduced me to Skinny Fiber and lost another 15 pounds! I love the product so much I became a Distributor of the product last March!"

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Jennifer is doing great after using Skinny Fiber for 1 month!

Read what Jennifer says after using Skinny Fiber for 1 Month:

"Ok, I am really self conscious about my weight so this is really hard for me to post, I have been taking skinny fiber now for the past 30 days and these are my results thus far. I'm really excited and can't wait to see my results after my 90 day challenge!! I was very skeptical when trying the product at first because I've struggled with my weight my whole life, but being the heaviest I've ever been I knew I needed a change. So I went out on a limb and decided to try the product and here's my results! Not only am I seeing a difference in my appearance but it gives me energy and makes me feel good and I'm obviously getting great results!"

Awesome, Jennifer!  Thanks for sharing your story.  You're on your way!!!!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gina has lost over 40 lbs and 40 inches with Skinny Fiber!

Gina.C. writes:
"Hello Peeps! I just got back from an appointment where they asked me for a copy of my drivers license. The woman came back with it and said "WOW, you lost a lot of weight". I hadn't realized the drastic difference until I put today's picture alongside the driver's license picture. I started taking Skinny Fiber in June 2013 and I have been on it a little over 11 months and I have lost over 40 lbs. and 40 inches. I am simply amazed at the results and very pleased with my progress. I cannot say enough about this product. I encourage you to try it and see for yourself. Skinny Body Care has a 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee so there's no risk!  Order yours today! You'll be glad you did because this stuff flat-out WORKS!!! Stay tuned for my ONE YEAR testimony at the end of June!!! Woooo whoooo!!!" 
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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When you order your Skinny Fiber from me, you aren't just getting a pink bottle of capsules and turned out on your own. You are receiving a membership with all of these added benefits and incentives!

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Paula has lost 24 pounds and several inches!

WOOOHOOO Paula... You're doing great!!

"Hi everyone - my name's Paula M and I'd like to share my latest pic with you.

I've lost 24lbs so far, and many inches too, as you can see!
I'm still a work in progress but I was shocked when I put my two pictures together as I couldn't really see a difference in myself.

I started as a UK size 22/24 and I'm now wearing UK size 16 tops and UK size 18 jeans!! I can't believe it! I know it's true though, because all my old clothes just don't fit me any more - they're all TOO BIG!!

I've recently started cycling and walking too, and it feels great.

I know it's a cliche, but it's just so true - If I can do it, anyone can!!"

♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪•* ♪ღ♪

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Juli says, "I am a Skinny Fiber lover for life!"

Meet Juli:

"Hi guys! Juli here! 
I want to tell you how difficult this is for me to share my before photo, but Skinny Fiber has changed my life! I started Skinny Fiber 6 months ago. I was hoping to lose 15-20 lbs. Most of my clothes in my closest were tight and many pants no longer fit. Being hypothyroid, I was having a difficult time losing. Within the first week I lost a 3 lbs and numerous inches in the waste without doing anything different. I quickly became a distributor because I knew this was winner. I then saw how other people had success without changing their lifestyle, so I decided to follow suit. Although, I eat a lot of good food, I was a big snacker and craved carbs (a symptom of hypothyroid). I have been hypothyroid for 20 years and on meds. Now all of a sudden my doctor said adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary were all off as well. They all work with the thyroid. Now, I started gaining weight. Still taking my Skinny Fiber and drinking my water and exercising. I also didn’t listen to my body when it said it was no longer hungry and ate to fill that void of having no energy. I gained an additional 10 -12 lbs. I don't have pictures during that time...sorry. During my fourth month, my doctors said my glandular challenges were something of the past (knock on wood). He reduced my thyroid meds in half over three months . It was then that I decided to drastically reduce my carbs and cut out sugar completely. I didn’t indulge in sweets, but I did enjoy red wine which is all sugar/carbs. Over the next 6 weeks the weight just started to fall off. I lost 17 lbs and numerous inches. So, although my before pictures don’t look a lot different, I can tell you that my only size 8 jeans were too tight and those were the only jeans I wore. I now comfortably fit into my 6’s and some 4’s! Skinny Fiber has helped me see that we are all different. Some can lose weight without making dietary changes with S.F. and others have to make some! Some lose quickly and others slower. I attribute S.F. to the reduction in meds as well as balancing all glandular issues. It did take some time, but I am a Skinny Fiber lover for life!"

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