Monday, May 23, 2016

Josh lost 30 pounds in 3 months

Meet Josh.
He has been taking Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8 for the past 3 months and look at his incredible results!
He has lost 30 pounds and this is what he has to say:
"all I did was take skinny body max twice a day and hiburn8 before before bedtime. Never changed my eating habits. It has helped curb my appetite and I now I get the best sleep than I have had in a long time! I was skeptical about trying because a lot of the crap out there don't work or costs to much to keep purchasing. Thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for inspiring me and encouraging to not give up. And can't beat the cost of the buy 2 get 1 free. Look her up on Facebook and purchase your Skinny Body MAX because you won't regret it."
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Friday, May 20, 2016

She's lost 17 pounds since March and has lowered her Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Blood Pressure

These are the text messages between one of my customers and myself this morning. Our products flat out work!!!
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Jamell has lost 100 pounds

Jamell says

"Hey Skinny Body Care family.. IT IS OFFICIAL!!! I am down 100 pounds. I've loss 70 pounds just since January 9th of this year with HiBurn8, Skinny Body Max and exercising. I can't wait to see you all in Dallas for convention! Im looking forward to our conversations, meeting all the new team members and taking pictures with everyone."

"Today I got an old pair of my jeans out the closet and was able to put both of my legs in one side of the pants. I am down to a size 36 pants from a 44."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Claudia lost 15 pounds and 22 inches and said her IBS is completely under control

Claudia just finished her 90 Day Challenge. ❤️
She says:
"****90 day challenge ..yay!!****
I started on 02/10/16 and it has been an amazing journey!!!! I needed something to help me lose weight! I admire the people that can stick to their strict diets and go to the gym daily. Unfortunately, I tried and tried and failed. I would eat healthy, but not lose a single pound! 
I decided to order Skinny Body Max!! It has been the best three months ever!!! IBS completely under control, mood swings not as bad as they were (had hysterectomy years ago), cravings gone, my nails are not as brittle as they were and they are growing, I did not follow a certain diet, no milkshakes, no exercise, I lost weight and inches (15 pounds & 22 inches, and I have more energy!!
Best decision ever!!
I am getting healthier and losing weight at the same time! Remember, Skinny Body Max ingredients help you in many ways, is NOT only to lose weight!!
Skinny Body Max is helping me lose weight and I am going to keep using it until I reach my goal!
It was worth every cent!!!! I thought it was very expensive when I first saw the prices!!! But you know, I could have easily used the $128 I paid for 3 bottles (3 month supply) on something or someone else! Plus they had MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so it was completely RISK FREE!!
Thank God I decided to buy Skinny Body Max! I do not regret it!
**REMEMBER TO DRINK WATER!!! Water is the key to your success. It helps your body flush out all those toxins! >>>I got very bloated when I started taking the capsules. I increased my water intake and after 2 days it went away! I was about to quit because it was extremely uncomfortable , but I decided to stick to it and let my body get rid of all the toxins!!! ****
I am going to continue taking Skinny Body Max!! I haven't reached my goal yet!!"

Take the challenge for a chance to win $1000 😊
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Monday, May 9, 2016

The most powerful weight management product available in an all natural formula

The most powerful weight management product available in an all natural formula. 100% chemical/stimulant free. No more shakes and jitters! Non soy, dairy, caffeine, gluten and GMO. All backed by a 30/90 day money back guarantee!

I am very proud to promote this awesome product! If you have struggled dropping pounds and inches, and are hesitant about risking more money doing so, put your worries aside. Skinny Body MAX FLAT OUT WORKS and it is guaranteed!

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amanda has lost 50 pounds

YES........the beauty on the right is the same person as the beauty on the left. Our products work so well, it can be confusing to the naked eye! LOL!
My sweet friend Amanda heart emoticon
Down 50 pounds. She gets 24/7 burn from Skinny Body MAX during the day and HiBurn8 at bed time.
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dorothy used HiBurn8 and loves it!

Dorothy used HiBurn8 and loves it!

"This is what taking our Nighttime formula HIBURN8 since February 29th has done for me. Do you now see why I love these products? 20lbs down in 60 days and that's without exercising.

I was an incurable insomniac that could never get good sleep. Not anymore. I sleep so damn good and wake up refreshed and ready to get my day in gear.

No more sluggish feeling, no more wanting to sleep in because of lack of restful sleep. Now getting the sleep has helped me drop even more weight.

So easy, 1 tbsp each night before I head to bed. That's it!!! My God, I love this stuff and will not be without it.

You shouldn't either!! Plus you can create your own combo packs Buy2Get1 free or Buy3Get3 free! I've also lost 78lbs on SF!!"

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weight Loss Surgery wasn't Bobbie's answer.....Read Why

This is Bobbie, when her weight loss surgery didn't give her the results she needed, and she started gaining again, Skinny Body Max was her answer!

You can order here > —> or

My journey with weight loss had been up and down most of my teen years and adult life. I had weight loss surgery in November of 2014. I lost 50 lbs and was doing pretty well. I had 2 knee surgeries during the summer of 2015 and really slowed down on my weight loss. I wasn't able to exercise much and could not go for a walk for any length of time. I came to a standstill in my weight loss and needed to do something because by December of 2015 I had gained 15 lbs. I had followed this product called Skinny Fiber for months and really liked what I saw in the testimonies and read about. I researched it and found it to be a credible powerful all natural product that worked for people. I decided to give it a try and started with Skinny Body Max in January of 2016. In 4 weeks of using Skinny Body Max and also starting HiBurn8 as soon as it was released, I dropped the 15 lbs I had gained without exercise or change in my diet other than drinking more water because I wanted to, and quit eating because of cravings, because I had none any longer. I am half way through my 90 day challenge and excited to see the results when I am done. It has been a great experience getting all the support, inspiration, motivation I need on a daily basis and the healthy recipes and tips are endless! If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Satira lost 100 pounds!

Meet Satira. 😊
"The change even takes my own breath away sometimes!
I was 303 pounds and so unhealthy!
I've lost over a hundred pounds, cut my blood pressure medicine in half, and gotten completely off insulin!
Took me around a year for the 100 pounds. I cut carbs. I did walk but can't do excessive exercise because of a back injury!
Skinny Fiber has changed my life!!"

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marsha has lost 74 pounds in 6 months!

Marsha Marsha Marsha! Down 74 pounds and counting in just 6 months! Way to go!

Tell em girl.........

"I'm super excited because I broke 300 lbs!! Got on the scale this AM and I am down to 297 lbs!!!!! That's a total loss of 74 lbs in 6 months!!! I had to step on the scale 3 times to make sure it was right! lmao! Now on to my next 90 day Challenge and see where this one takes me! I can not wait! First 90 days I lost 45 lbs Second 90 days 29 lbs! I have to honestly say I couldn't of done it without SBC! Especially not 74 lbs in 6 months and the fact I couldn't even move let a lone exercise! I never even imagined 74lbs! I was a little skeptical but glad I gave it a chance!!

Since taking it I'm down from 8 pills to 2, no more IBS, no more headaches, my legs don't swell up nearly as bad only if I have too much salt. I've learned salt causes it so I stay as clear away as possible! NO more pain from my arthritis that caused me not to be able to get around! It has helped me with more than weight loss it has given me my life back! "
Are you ready to change your life? All Natural, No stimulants, No fake food, No crazy shakes, and a 30 &90 day empty bottle money back guarantee!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Mark's weight loss story is awesome!

Mark did great using Skinny Fiber!
My Testimony
💯✔I'm Mark And My Journey With SKINNY FIBER Started When I Came To A Point In My Life In 2014 When I Was Going Through A Huge Transition In My Family Life And Stress On My Sales Job That Was Working My Nerves Overtime On A Daily Basis. I Was In A Crazy Place Mentally And Had Been Using Food To Self Medicate Myself Like Most People. I Ballooned Up From 210 Lbs To Almost 240 Lbs And For Someone That's Only 5' 11" The Extra Weight Became A Physical Burden. Everyday I Struggled With Simple Things Like Putting On My Shoes And Being Out Of Breath. Always Waking Up Tired And Sluggish. Now Seeing As Though I Studied Sports Medicine And Athletic Training In College, Working With Some Of The Best College And Pro Athletes In The World, You Would Think LETTING MYSELF GO Wouldn't Be An Option But It Happened. I Was Introduced To Skinny Fiber By A Co Worker Who Was A Distributor Who Was ALWAYS Telling Me How Great Skinny Fiber Was, How Well It Worked And About How Much Money They Were Making With This Company Skinny Body Care. So I Researched The Product. IT WAS LEGIT AND I WAS SURPRISED. April 1st 2015 I Began My First 90 DAY CHALLENGE Following The Process And At The End Of 90 Days Was Down From 235 Lbs To 217 Lbs. Excited About My Results I Kept Going. FAST FORWARD To Today April 5 2016 And I'm Down To 202 Lbs And Went From A Size 42 In Pants To A 36" Waist And Still LOSING. I'm Currently Taking SKINNY BODY MAX AND HIBURN8
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quick tips and reminders when using Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body MAX

A few quick Tips and Reminders for those of you using Skinny Fiber or Skinny Body MAX...

1. Be consistent and take your 2 capsules twice DAILY!
2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.
3. Cut back on carbs and sugar.
4. Add in some exercise. Take a walk!
5. Do something to completely relax your body.
6. Laugh and smile everyday!
7. Cut back, or better yet, stop drinking soda (Diet Soda too).
8. Enjoy your meals.....EAT SLOWLY!
9. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
10. Don't compare yourself to others, your body is unique. Find what works for YOU!

Buy any 2 SF or SBM and get Hiburn8 for FREE! Buy any 3 and get 3 more products of your choice FREE! ( 90 day guarantee )

Ready to get started? Get your 24/7 weight loss package here-->>
(Just started my 90 Day Challenge. WHO is joining me?)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weight Loss Wednesday Success Story: Meet Cindy

"Cindy here!! Just so you know I am a slow looser!! But I never gave up!! I stayed with my skinny fiber because I got great benefits from it!! I am no longer on any meds for acid re-flux, high blood pressure, and I don't have to take any thing for my leg pain I was blessed with from having chemo treatments 6 yrs ago. I have recently added Hiburn8 so that I can have that 24-7 round the clock help. Plus added sleep benefit!! I do not drink any thing but coffee, water and maybe a green tea. I am watching kind of what I eat. I eat regular foods (less) just cut back on the bread in take since that is a down fall for me. Looking forward to a new bathing suit!! Maybe a colorful one!!"
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Summary of Skinny Body Care Products

Since Skinny Body Care now has 5 awesome products, I thought I would share screenshots with a summary of each product, along with the website you can visit to learn more about each product.

Learn more about Skinny Fiber at

Learn more about Skinny Body MAX at

Learn more about HiBurn8 at

Learn more about Ageless at

Learn more about Instant YOUTH at


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Big Congratulations to Toya...No more Diabetes Medication!



Start your 90 Day Challenge at

You can join the Skinny Body Care Team at

*Skinny Body Care products do not diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or medical conditions.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tracie's son is able to sleep through the night using HiBurn8

Tracie just shared this and it's awesome!!

"My youngest boy, Bryce (Age 12) has been on Trazadone for 3 years because he can't/won't sleep and when he did sleep he would wake through the night and/or sleep walk. I put him on the HiBurn8 in Feb after weening him off of the Trazadone and he is sleeping through the night, every night! He is no longer groggy, crabby, moody and down right miserable trying to wake up and function in the morning....The best part you ask? He is rested and off of that medication for good! HB8 Rocks...not just for weight loss! ~Tracie"

Below is the link for more information on HiBurn8. To order, just go to my website at

Select Order Now and then select one of the tabs (Distributor if you would like to join our team, or Customer if you would just like to order product).

*Skinny Body Care products do not diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions or diseases.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Got 15 Minutes?

This 15 minute call could change your life.....Dial the number on the picture.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rochelle's weight loss story is awesome!

This is my friend, Rochelle. I'm so happy for her!

Hey Friends...I have shared a picture here and there of my weight loss Journey. I decided to put them together for you all. 

Our son was "Rock Star" last week and I had to find some family pictures.

Well I found those wonderful same green pants when they were brand new (top right side of collage) and they are SNUG!

When I seen that picture, I was in shock...and sat, stared, and cried.

I couldn't believe I was "That person" once upon a time. Then I look at How far I have come!!!

I started this Journey with Skinny Fiber and lost 4 pant sizes. Then Skinny Body Care came out with Skinny Body Max and I lost another 22 pounds in 6 weeks and 2 pants sizes!

How can it get any better? Oh Yes it can! Then HiBurn8 the night time formula came out. Helps you lose weight while you sleep. 

I had gotten hurt at work..and hadn't slept in 11 months. My HiBurn8 came and the first night I took it, was the BEST sleep I have gotten in 11 MONTHS!

My Health has improved. I am no longer at Risk for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol! I have Energy and I can actually play with my son!

I could Choose Medication and Co-pays = $100 a month plus! I choose a Natural Supplement and Good Health! I'm a Winner and you can be too!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am living proof our products work....I lost 60 pounds!

I became a product of the products I promote and lost 60 pounds. If the products worked for me, they may be able to work for you. There is a full, Empty Bottle MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 30 or 90 Days. If the products, don't work, you can receive a refund....
Note: We have a less than 1% return rate, which means our products work for most people. 
smile emoticon
Give it a chance at for Skinny for Skinny Body for HiBurn8 Nighttime Weight Loss Formula.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Anastasia has lost 149 pounds!....WOW!!!

Anastasia shared her Updated Testimony!
"Hey y'all remember me it's Anastasia? I lost 127 lbs back in 2014 with Skinny Fiber, but through life's trials and tribulations I totally fell off, and in one year I put back on most of my weight. I'll be honest I totally abandoned my healthy lifestyle and was not consistent with anything and I have myself to blame for that. No reason to cry over spilled milk right? Lol so since starting our new product ‪#‎skinnybodymax‬ and our new night time weight loss liquid ‪#‎HiBurn8‬ Just after 14 days I am down another 22 lbs. Yes that's right I said 22 pounds!! I couldn't be any happier. I gotta admit that I was ashamed before about my failures, but I realize now that what's important is that we learn and grow from our mistakes. So, I'm back at it this time and there's no stopping me now. If you're someone who's struggling with your weight and need guidance, support, and motivation I am the person you want to get with!! I've personally coached and helped hundreds of people to reach their goals and I am ready to help you. The time is now to take back control of your life! We are here to help."
Our products work!
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Amber used our product and lost 50 pounds

Amber lost 50 pounds using Skinny Fiber and says:
"I always get asked WHY I chose Skinny Body Care over all of the other "health companies" and "weight loss" programs that stream over the world wide web! I even had one person go as far to say, "Why take 2 capsules twice a day when you could just workout and change your diet?"
I will be the first to say that Skinny Fiber or our other products aren't for everyone. But I found that Skinny Fiber worked for me when eating healthy, drinking water and adding some exercise to my daily regimen wasnt working! With Skinny Fiber, I get MOTIVATION....INSPIRATION....and SUPPORT and thats something you dont get with just working out and changing my diet. I chose Skinny Fiber because it's not an instant miracle where I take a pill and the fat just melts off and then in a few months I gain it back. Skinny Fiber helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals so your body can get healthy and begin the process of weight loss that you cant do with dieting and exercising alone! I have learned to not use food as a crutch and begun telling myself "no, that is disgusting"! Its all in your mind set! When you tell yourself "NO" repeatedly, day after day, than your mind will eventually say thats not healthy! I began to love foods that i have hated and never imagined eating! Skinny Fiber has set me up for a future full of success!"
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Frank has lost 28 pounds using Skinny Fiber

Frank shared his results and says:
"Yes it is how I found Skinny Fiber beneficial for me to lose 9 kgs in 3 months (3 bottles of SF). Now I am 13 kgs less than my original weight of 81 Kgs and now my BMI is invariably less than the 25 reading that suggests I am in the healthy range. SKINNY FIBER WORKED FOR ME AND SKINNY FIBER STILL WORKS!!!"
Skinny Fiber still works! Check it out at
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Friday, February 26, 2016

One of my favorite people has lose 39 pounds in 3 months!

This is one of my favorite people, Marta. Can we all agree she is a ROCK STAR? Yes!!!!
Marta says...

"So far I have lost 39 pounds in 3 months. I have been successful with a combination of diet, exercise and this AMAZING product.
I have maintained a low carb diet, mainly green vegetables, fish, and chicken. I exercise 1 hour a day for 6 days, taking off on Sundays. I drink four, 16 oz bottles of water everyday.
My weight loss journey continues. I feel energized, and happy now. There is no better feeling than this. Health is a priority not only for yourself, but for others as well. I have 2 children that need me, and my goal is to live a healthy lifestyle to be here for them long-term. Many blessings to all of you and good luck on your exciting journey as well."
You too can achieve these results and I guarantee it. Try any of our amazing weight management products for 30 days (single bottle orders) or a full 90 days (multi bottle packages). Not happy? Send back the empty bottles for a FULL refund. 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 5 is almost in the books....Cut-Off is Midnight

Well......Week 5 of the SBC Powerline System is almost in the books. 

Things continue to heat up.  So far, I have enrolled ave really heated up.  This month, I have enrolled 19 new Customers and 1 new Distributor.  1 customer has upgraded to become a Distributor after losing 7 pounds in only 10 days.  It's only $10 for Customers to become a Distributor!  The person at the top of this month's Leaderboard has already enrolled 169 new Customers & Distributors this month.  WOW!!!!!

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We all know the average person enrolls only 2.7 people their entire time in a Network Marketing business before they quit.  I am having this kind of success by following our simple and easy to duplicate SYSTEM that almost anyone can do.  I say "almost" because you must be coachable and teachable and be able to follow simple instructions.

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Coach Marcus Jones
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A lot of people have been asking about HiBurn8 Nighttime Weight Loss Formula

A lot of people have been asking me about the HiBurn8. It just came out and is available to distributors for right now but customer order pages will be up soon. Imagine having the BEST sleep every night while this product helps you burn fat. As you can imagine there is HUGE interest in this product. You can get some now and before everyone else here: Heck, you might even make some money from our awesome new PowerLine marketing system too just for trying the product! Just get a free position and you can order through there at ‪#‎HiBurn8