Friday, August 28, 2015

Tracy went from a Size 10 to a Size 6 in 2 months

Wow look at Tracy! Would you believe she is 45 years YOUNG?! She looks Fantastic! Way to Go Tracy!

Tracy says:

"This is me, I went from a size 10 to a size 6 and dropped that muffin top. I am 45 years old and I feel better then I felt at 30. I dropped my weight fairly quick about 2 months, but I continue to take Skinny fiber because it helps me so much with my IBS, Fibro pain and most of all my hot flashes.

All I do is drink my water and take my Skinny Fiber 2 times a day, I eat low carb, mostly (I also eat my yummy deserts, but I do not over indulge as much as before) If I can do this you can do this. Skinny Fiber works, I'm proof.

I lost 10 pounds and countless inches. Like I said I went from a size 10 to a size 6, When I hit size 10 I was devastated, I never had to watch my weight I always was thin, always wore a size 0 or 3, but 10... I could not stand it. The dr told me it was normal at my age to gain weight and just deal with it or exercise. I hate exercising, always been one that I can't stand to sweat, lol. But, I tried by using my Wii and tried walking more, but it just did not budge, then I gave up. I saw Skinny Fiber being posted online, and the testimony I saw about Mike Ames is the one that got me to buy it."

Ready to get started on your 90 day challenge so you can win a T-shirt like Tracey! 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, nothing to lose but weight and inches!

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*Skinny Fiber does not diagnose, cure, or treat any medical conditions or diseases.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Husband and Wife lost weight and got healthy together. Team work makes the dream work!

Husband and Wife lost weight and got healthy together. Team work makes the dream work! 

"Yes, Skinny Fiber is part of our daily routine. You do not have to continue taking it once you reach your goal weight, but we will always take it becasue we love the effects of the amazing enzymes. It not only helps you to lose and maintain weight but it is a healthy supplement too. Leonard has lost over 30 lbs. and his diabetes is almost completely under control. I have lost weight and inches and no longer suffer from hot flashes, depression, migraines and I have tons of energy. Each year we continue to shed a few more inches and see our health improve. Life doesn't have to come to a raging hault as you get older and we are ALL getting older each day! Lol. You can try Skinny Fiber risk free because our company offers a 30 Day money back guarantee on one bottle and a 90 Day money back guarantee on the packages. You simply return the empty bottles if you are not satisfied! Our Premier Pack for $179.70 plus shipping is only about $30 per month!"

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cindy is now a size 7/8 after losing 36 pounds

This is Cindy and she looks amazing. 

Cindy says:

"I have been on Skinny Fiber a little over a year. My coach Candy and I had talked about Skinny Fiber for a long time before I started; yes, I was very skeptical. It was a lot of money for a product that I didn't know would work. Then Candy emailed me, and said that the company was offering a 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee. What did I have to lose?
I was a size 12-13 and was very unhappy with myself. I am now a size 7-8 and down 36 lbs and the lbs have stayed off. I still take my Skinny Fiber. Why? It makes me feel so much better! I walk and do the exercise challenge calendars that are posted in our support group.

I am so glad that I took Skinny Fiber and trusted my coach. It has truly changed my life. I am thrilled when people tell me I look great; especially my husband. I had been out-of-work and very depressed. This has made a whole new life for me. I now feel good about myself. I enjoy walking and going places knowing that I look nice not having to wear huge clothes because my gut is so big. A huge thanks to Candy for helping me get started, and sticking with me every step of the way...

Skinny Fiber works, but you have to take it consistently and drink lots of water. It can work for you too! The key is to take the product, drink lots of water and work at making positive change in your life. I eat better and work at taking care of myself!

Candy says: "Cindy was very skeptical, but through positive reinforcement she started to believe in herself again. She feels so much better and you have to say she looks great too!" Give Skinny Fiber a try... the time is going to pass anyway!"

Where will you be in one year? The year is going to pass anyway. It is NOW - It is your time! Take care of yourself. You are worth it!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Skinny Fiber works for men and women of ALL ages!!! Get YOURS today!

Skinny Fiber works for men and women of ALL ages!!! Get YOURS today!

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Barry says he sleeps better, feels better and has more energy since starting SF, the only regret he has is NOT doing his measurements, 10 months later 25 lbs gone and a ton of inches, off one blood pressure med, cholesterol down all thanks to Skinny Fiber!
Skinny Fiber is something that many of us are using to take the pain out of our weight loss and we love it! It is all Natural, Stimulant and Gluten free, takes away cravings for sugar and salty things all while making us feel more full after eating way less It works! If you would like to know more just comment, message me or head on over to this site:

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*Skinny Fiber does not cure, prevent, or treat illnesses or medical conditions.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teresa is now a Size 8 thanks to the help of Skinny Fiber

Teresa just shared an updated "After' photo and says:

"I decided to do a new side by side photo of myself. The first picture was December 2013. I had actually lost about 20 lbs at this point. The pic on the right was taken yesterday.

In the before picture I was wearing a 2XL sweater and size 18/20 jeans. In the second picture I'm wearing a small t-shirt and size 8 jeans.

Thanks God, I saw Gail's post about Skinny Fiber and decided to give it a try. I can't believe how much better I feel, no more digestive issues, no more diverticulitis flare ups, no more acid reflux, I sleep like a baby and I have so much more energy. I'm off blood pressure medicine and all other prescription meds that I was taking before."

If you want to know more about Skinny Fiber you can message me or visit my website at


Coach Marcus 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weight loss success story from a San Francisco 49ers Fan: 46 Pounds gone!

Even though Leila is a 49ers fan, I'm still sharing her weight loss success story. #GoSteelers  

She says:

"One year on Skinny Fiber - haven't felt this good in soooo many years! 46 pounds and countless inches are GONE for good! The shirt in the first picture is an XL and I was trying to hold my belly in for the picture! The shirt in the second picture is a Medium and I was actually able to tuck it in! Can't even remember EVER wearing a size 8 but these really are 8's!!!!!! I love SKINNY FIBER and will continue taking it - blood pressure medicine reduced to minimum dosage, knees quit hurting (I was actually limping before losing the weight), so much energy and I'm 69 years old!!"

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

John lost 100 pounds in 133 days with the help of Skinny Fiber

What an inspiration!! 

This is our WORLDWIDE 90 DAY CHALLENGE Champion!!!!.......John Cooper!!!

Hey says:

"100 pounds GONE in 133 days!!!! I DID IT!!!!
Many of you know that I have been on my journey to a healthier ME and healthier lifestyle. But there are some people that may not know me personally and do not know my story.

In October I decide that I had had enough or this overweight junk and I was ready to get down to business. I began watching some posts on Facebook in a support group that I had recently joined. I watched this group and the postings for 6 MONTHS. Then I finally decided... I'm gonna DO THIS!! I ordered the weight loss supplement Skinny Fiber that I had been seeing within the Facebook support group.

I began my journey on April 1st. I increased my daily water intake. I started measuring my foods just to get my brain adjusted to the correct portion sizes of the foods that my body REALLY needs and not the sizes that my brain thought that I needed. I also started off by doing stretch band exercises on my couch. After about 25 pounds lost, I started walking laps at the track and also started introducing some workouts with a trainer.

Along with all these new adjustments, I was also taking my Skinny Fiber (2 capsules, twice a day). 

Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight with whatever eating plan you choose. It makes it easier to stick with your plan by curbing your appetite, cutting the cravings, making you feel full quicker.

In my first 90 Day Challenge with Skinny Fiber, I lost a total of 72 pounds, in which I won the challenge and earned myself a trip to Miami, FL to be on a health and wellness talk show, and a full make over. I recently just finished my first 5K run along with 15 of my amazing friends and family members and supporters.

I am currently on day 46 of my 2nd 90 Day Challenge and I have lost 29 pounds so far. I can't wait to see how far along I'll be at the finish of this challenge.

I want to say THANK YOU for helping me get my health back in order. I know I have long road to go, but I'm getting closer every day. I also want to say THANK YOU to my friends, my loving family and my many supporters that follow me. Your support is what keeps me going and I appreciate it VERY MUCH. It means the world to me. Much LOVE and Thanks to you all."

What is stopping you from ordering Skinny Fiber??

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#LoseWeight #FeelGreat

Friday, August 14, 2015

Jacki says she is a Foodaholic

Here is Jacki's & her husband's story:


Here it goes: (please be nice)

My name is Jacki, and I am a foodaholic!

This is very hard for me. I really never wanted to share my PICTURE and story because I was ashamed at how I looked and what I have been doing to my body over the years.

I suffer from quite a few health problems, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraines, IBS, Seizures, Menopause, Depression, Herniated disks in my neck and back from a bad car accident 24 years ago and Arthritis, to name a few. I have been steadily gaining weight for the last 12 years because I LOVE to eat and can no longer exercise or be as active as I once was before the health problems seemed to take over my life.

About 2 years ago, I saw some posts on Facebook about Skinny Fiber. It is a weight loss supplement that does so much more for me then just helping me lose weight. I checked it out and found it was all natural and gluten free (which is important with my health issues). I saved for it so I could buy the buy 3 get 3 free deal and do the 90 day challenge with my hubby. My hubby lost 20 pounds in the first 90 day challenge and I lost 13. We both felt so much better taking Skinny Fiber, that I ordered more and became a distributor so I can help others like myself get healthier!"

Order here:

"Skinny Fiber has helped my husband go from migraine headaches EVERYDAY, to 3 in the last year! His cholesterol is normal now, in fact his doctor told him his blood tests came back better then he has seen in years!! He has more energy and feels better. He tells me he will NEVER stop taking it because he feels so much better!
Skinny Fiber has eliminated my migraines and IBS!! It has helped me with my Fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, hot flashes and with my depression (which is really BIG for me, since I am allergic to all anti-depressants). I have more energy and I feel so much better. I used to have terrible cravings a lot, mostly at night after 8 pm. Skinny Fiber has helped me eliminate those cravings! I rarely eat chocolate and junk anymore. I just don't crave them. It took me a while, while on Skinny Fiber, to get to that point.

Skinny Fiber is all natural and gluten free with NO STIMULANTS! I love it! I can take it and not worry about it giving me seizures!

If you have been thinking about ordering, please DO! It has helped me and so many people! It has a 30 day money back guarantee on 1 bottle and a 90 day money back guarantee on our multi pak specials. We have a buy 2 bottles get one free and a buy 3 get 3 free special right now! Thank you for listening!  Have a wonderful day everyone! smile Jacki"

Order here:

Kathy has gone from a Size 26 to a Size 16

Here is Kathy's update!! Isn't she doing so AMAZING? Keep it up, you've got this!!!
She says:
"My latest update... I've been meaning to do one of these updates so today was the day!!
I tried on these jeans which were size 26. When I started my journey they were tight on me. Today, 20 months later, here I am in those size 26s!!
Today I purchased a pair of Size 16 jeans!! They are snug on me but they do zip up and I can sit with them on!!! Just not comfortable enough to wear them but by the end of the month, I WILL BE!!!
Still Lovin' my Skinny Fiber and STILL going STRONG!!"
Isn't it time to start your Skinny Fiber journey?
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Katina has more energy after losing 60 pounds

She says:

"My story! My journey!!  After a painful divorce. I had to take a look at me!! I was not happy with what I saw! I was weighing 285 and wearing size 24-26. I was ready for a spiritual and natural healing!! I met with a good friend who introduced me to skinny fiber! It was a struggle financially to get my first bottle! But I have not regretted the sacrifice!! Total of 60 lbs lost. I no longer have to take elevator and I have more energy for my son! I no longer have insomnia . It's been a long year. And my journey continue. I love the lifestyle change ! I have not started to exercise yet but I have made changes in what I eat and when I eat it. Skinny fiber has been a God sent to me. And has given me an opportunity to help others that may b struggling with some of the same issues."

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sue lost 40 pounds using Skinny Fiber

Sue lost 40 pounds in 9 months and says:

"Figured I should do another updated Skinny Fiber before and after. First photo was on a cruise.. I believe 2007 40 lbs lighter and a few years later haha.

I'm a rep..and like the many health benefits from Skinny Fiber so I continue to take the product that helped me in my weight loss journey."

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jackie feels and looks better at 52 years-old than she ever has

Jackie says:
"Looking back on old photos really made me smile today!
I am not where I want to be ...but I am so much closer to that goal.

The first photo I faked a smile.. I was depressed... I was tired.. I was in pain!!
I see myself now and I feel like a weight.. or a lot of weight .. has been removed from my life!
I love Skinny Fiber. I love my life with Skinny Fiber!!!!
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and on 4 different medications (not all at once) and was gaining weight yearly.
For 15 years I could not lose an inch... I started Skinny Fiber and in 5 weeks started losing weight and inches....
After being on Skinny Fiber for 6 months I was taken off the medication and my Dr told me to keep taking Skinny Fiber.
My cholesterol was down.. perfect blood pressure... off pain meds for my arthritis and fibro pain and no more irritable bowel syndrome..
My Dr said it was an amazing supplement for many things.. not just weight loss!!
I feel and look better at 52 years old than I think I ever have!"
You can order Skinny Fiber here -

Jamell has lost 30 pounds

Jamell says:
"Today I decided to take a picture and compare it to the picture I took before I started my first 90 day challenge. It took me just 7 months to lose over 30 lbs with Skinny Fiber and it all started with the 90 day challenge."
Take the Challenge today:

Monday, August 3, 2015

This is what Skinny Fiber, Exercise, and Commitment can do

Terri says:

"Here is a pic of me from July 31, 2014 and today July 31, 2015. Same shirt and shorts just a whole lot less of me!!!!  

Skinny Fiber, Exercise and commitment to my Why!!!! It's all about my Why!!!!
What is your Why?"

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Jodi lost 58 pounds and 88 inches in 8 months

Jodi wrote... "The key to what I have been doing is Skinny Fiber and water, water, water!!! I haven't really changed the way I eat, I just try not to overdue carbs but I honestly don't want them often. I don't exercise much but am doing lower body, squats and lunges, and donkey kicks because I don't want to lose the booty, hips and thighs but the key is to drink your water!"
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Check out Kathy's updated weight loss story. It's AWESOME!

I've been following Kathy's journey for awhile.  This is her most recent update:

She says:

"While looking through some Christmas pictures from 2004 I came across this picture of me, ugh!! Since I spent most of my adult life at this size I had to share with you all what Skinny Fiber has done for me. Wow, that was 11 years ago, and the start of my journey. Notice my expression?? Yeah, Christmas Eve is a BIG sit down dinner for my husband's family so needless to say, I was exhausted!! It shows! Now, I'm losing inches on a consistent basis and have more energy than I've had in 30 years. Thank you Skinny Fiber!!! 

I feel that I have always had weight issues and only when I was pregnant (3 times) did I ever lose weight. It was always one fad diet after the next. In 2004, after that picture, I went on Atkins. I lost around 30 pounds in a month but it caused other health issues and I found myself in the hospital for 6 days with diverticulitis. Feeling that Atkins played a huge part in that diagnosis I stopped following that plan and fell back into old and bad habits. It was never easy trying to make healthy choices for myself while cooking for our family of 5. The kids loved their junk food and I was no better. Suffering with depression from the late 90s well into the 2000s always set me up for failure when it came to eating healthy. Emotional eating was my downfall every time. I ended up with numerous health issues. High blood pressure, diverticulitis, costochondritis (an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum) that makes you feel like you are having a heart attack every single day), asthma (since my childhood), continual migraines, 3 herniated discs in my neck, arthritis in my lower back and knees and high cholesterol (I refused meds for this). The list of ailments was endless and so was my list of prescriptions!! (Nadolol, Tramadol, Ventolin, Fiorecet, 800 mg Ibuprofen, to name a few)

Fast forward to January 2014 where my ADVENTURE began!! After catching up with a childhood friend on Facebook I was introduced to this wonderful product called Skinny Fiber. At this time I was taking the latest craze, Garcinia Cambogia and managed to lose about 10 pounds in 2 months. After seeing all the testimonials on my friend’s support group, curiosity got the best of me and I started asking her questions. I was already spending over $40 a bottle for a 2 week supply of G.C. and since I had taken other over the counter weight loss products with little to no success, I felt I had nothing else to lose, so I ordered a bottle of Skinny Fiber. 

When I started using the product I went into it full steam ahead!! I continued to read the testimonies of those who used the product and they were such an encouragement. I noticed my cravings and hunger lessened within the first 2 weeks of using the product and that was fabulous in my book!! So I decided to purchase a buy 3 get 3 pack AND become a distributor because I knew if I did that I would hold myself to sticking with it, and I did!! 

I started walking on my treadmill a couple times a week, always having my ice water, music, and inhaler by my side as I needed them all!! I did lose several inches and dropped a few sizes in 2 months but my knees were still not faring well under the constant pounding so I stopped walking. I still continued to take SF and the inches kept coming off, but I knew it would have come off faster if I exercised more. For Christmas of 2014 I told Santa I wanted a recumbent exercise bike and he got me one!  This helped with my knees and my lower back issues as I was sitting. 

In September 2014, because of my weight loss, my BP stabilized, so the doctor took me off of the meds. I no longer need my rescue inhaler on a daily basis (I don’t use it at all now), no diverticulitis issues anymore, my knees no longer hurt and I have not had any fare ups of costochondritis so no more tramadol and ibuprofen needed for those. I know that my migraines were junk food/diet pop allergy related and since I started taking my SF I changed my eating habits and those are far and few between these days. So the money I’m saving on meds and doctor visits alone pays for several months of Skinny Fiber which, in my book, is a far better option.

Anyone who has been following my adventure knows that I have said Skinny Fiber isn’t a magic pill. You need to be committed to making it work. You need to want this so badly that nothing will stop you from getting it. Once you have that mind set, the only thing left to do is place your order!!"

Ask Me How!! 

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jennifer lost 69 pounds and says Skinny Fiber is the New Food!

Jennifer says:

"Here is an updated photo of me wink emoticon I have had my ups and down but I will be on Skinny Fiber for life... It makes me feel so good... I am down almost 70# EEKKK.... I am so excited...

Okay her it goes!! This is very hard for me.... My name is Jennifer & I joined the Skinny Body Care team on the 3rd of July an started my weight loss journey on July 19, 2013 and it has changed my life so much.. And it is just the beginning!!! Not only for me & my family but for everyone that I share this with... Now at this time I have lost 69 pounds and lots of inches.

I have struggled with my weight for a very long time, I would say most of my adult life. I got married & started a family. I have never really lost the baby weight after having 3 kids, or I was just lazy & love FOOD to much! When i was pregnant with our 2nd baby I started having some health issues that we just thought was pregnancy related. Then I felt a little better after delivery, after that we had a few deaths in our family that was very sudden, an i was pregnant with our 3rd baby and it was the same thing. Finally after going to many Dr.s they said I had fybromyalgia! I have been on medication for about 1 1/2 years and I put more weight on.. Then I was told I had to have surgery on my neck & hand. I have done so many weight loss planes and I do good on them for a while then the weight comes back on and then some.... So I wanted to start a new life As you can see I had my neck surgery and I have been off my Fibromyalgia medication for about two months and I am felling amazing!!! Thank you Skinny Fiber!!! 

We also have a 11 year old boy that has weight trouble also so I really am determined to have a long healthy life & teach my kids the right way to eat & stay healthy! An Skinny Fiber is starting us all on the right track!!! An as we are all getting healthy and fit I am making money doing what I love!!! Helping other people fell good about themselves & maybe some of them will join us on the Skinny Body Care team!! 

Change your life...Order Today!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Felita says Skinny Fiber gave her her life back!

Here is what Felita had to say...

"Before starting Skinny Fiber, I was skeptical. I went to an event that my friend Monica was doing and ended up winning the draw she was doing for a free bottle. I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose except the pounds! Starting Skinny Fiber has changed my whole outlook concerning my weight. I now eat healthier. I used to eat one meal a day for years and now I eat my meals and continue to lose weight and inches. I have lost a total of 18 pounds and 16 1/4 inches, and still a work in progress.

My husband, Carmen, has supported me from the start and is proud of what I have achieved so far. Thanks Honey, "I Love You". I have back problems, so I was limited as to what I could do for exercise. Monica called me one morning to see if I wanted to go for a walk and that's what got me started exercising. I walk 50 minutes a day. She has been such a great friend and very supportive. Thanks Little Sis! Tomorrow I will be starting my next 90 Day Challenge and I can't wait! Thank you Skinny Fiber for giving me my life back!"

Let Skinny Fiber help you get your life back: or


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brenda was having a hard time losing weight until she tried Skinny Fiber

Brenda completed her 90 Day Challenge and says:

"Well here y'all go! Today was the last day of my 90 day challenge and these are my results...

I am so happy I decided to try Skinny Fiber! I was having a hard time losing the weight I wanted on my own so I said what the heck I'll give Skinny Fiber a try and boy am I glad I did, I started out at 195 lbs and am down to 177 lbs & lost 6.75 inches ta boot!

In the pic on the left everyone thought I was pregnant lol, well I wasn't that was a result of many years of beer drinking. I was always embarrassed when people asked me if I was pregnant and told them, "nah that's just my personal keg", trying to make a joke out of it but deep down it bothered me so it was time to do something about it!

The pic on the right is me after my first 90 day challenge, I don't eat as much and I've cut way back on the beer, actually I really don't crave beer or salty food anymore at all and now I have to remind myself to eat lol.

So if your thinking about trying Skinny Fiber I seriously recommend that you do, you wont regret it! Did I mention that I have a lot more energy and I feel totally awesome too!"

If your interested in starting your own 90 day challenge you can order here: or

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Call or text me your questions: 623-428-9622

Coach Marcus 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Nothing worked for Jorja until she tried Skinny Fiber


"Here is my testimony. I have tried pretty much every diet you can name...Nutrisystem, Herbalife, AdvoCare, phen-phen, HCG...I said you name it. Then I joined a group for recipes and started seeing these testimonies for Skinny Fiber. I was very skeptical! I even posted a comment asking the admin to forgive me for my doubt but was there really anyone in that group who was really taking the product. WOW! I received testimony after testimony in response. I ordered without telling anyone. Secretly started it and the rest is history. I have lost 22 lbs and can't tell you how many inches...but what I can tell you...My skinny jeans are so baggy, I don't have to unbutton them to take them off. I started in size 18 jeans (the ones in the pic)...I am now wearing my size 14s!!! I am telling you, this is the best product I have ever tried!!! I still eat pizza, cheeseburgers, whatever I am cooking for my family...I just don't go back for seconds cause I am full and a lot of times can't finish what is on my plate for the same reason. I don't have cravings for sweets like I used to but when I do, I find a small piece of chocolate or a spoon of ice cream satisfies it (and most times, the only reason I want something sweet is because someone else is eating it). AND I sleep deeper than I have in years! A friend stated the sleep is ADDICTING!"

Order Skinny Fiber Here >>>> or

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jessica is thrilled with Skinny Fiber after losing 49 pounds!

Check out Jessica!!! She crushed her challenge!!!!!

IN HER OWN WORDS: "I have never been thin Always on the curving side ! I have tried every diet and every weight loss pill . I am thrilled with Skinny Fiber ! Skinny Fiber for life ! I wish everyone would try Skinny Fiber it is really awesome . It has helped me in so many ways.. I eat less now and I feel full even after a couple cups of water some days! I do not snack all day now even though I am not working out of the house. I have way less cravings now !! I was 192 now 143 ! I am not starving and I am eating real food"...

Get yours today - 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Our newest 90 Day Challenge Winner is 72 pounds lighter

Here is one of the winners of the April 1 to July 1 90 Day Challenge!  Skinny Fiber flat out works!

John says:

"I started on skinny fiber April 3rd I weighed 515 lbs. I had to weigh in at my local scrap yard so I could start the challenge. I lost 72 lbs in the challenge which I only did 87 days cause I didn't receive my pills til after the challenge started. I weigh 437 lbs to date. I've dropped 3 pants sizes and 1 shirt size. I still have some work ahead of me but my whole family is doing it with me. July 25th I will run my first 5k race in over 20 years. I will not give up I will win my life back. Thanks everyone for all your support. Do what I did. Take a free tour at. And do your 90 day challenge."

I am soooo happy for John.  Looking forward to his complete transformation. 

Contact me for more information about losing weight using Skinny Fiber. 

Find out how to receive 3 Free bottles at

See how Skinny Fiber works at

Join the Team at

*15 pounds is the average weight lost on the 90 Day Challenge

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skinny Fiber works for kids, too!

Skinny Fiber works for kids, too!

Heather says this about her daughter:

"Hi Everybody!
This is my Daughter Kaylee! She has been struggling with weight gain for the past few years just like many teen girls do. Approximately two months ago, she asked me if she could try skinny fiber!! Although I am very cautious about what I feed my kids they do go to grandparents, vacations with others, and to friends .and I know that they do not eat healthy there. Today she weighed in and I am proud to say she has lost twelve pounds!!! She is seven pounds away from her goal weight and ready to start SBC's newest 90 day challenge with me!!!

With childhood Obesity on the rise our Teen Challenge couldn't come at a better time!!! This is an all natural product. There are no stimulants or artificial ingredients! It is totally safe!"

Order for your child today at

Learn about the Teen Challenge at

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hilaria has lost 145 pounds and is medication free!

This story is one of my favorites! 

Hilaria shared her weight loss success story and says...

"Hi everyone! I'm Hilaria and I am finally sharing my story!! My before pic makes me want to cry and I've been so shy about sharing my story but if it helps one person then it's all worth it!!

How do I even put this into words! I started on Skinny Fiber during a difficult divorce after 20 years of marriage and weighing in at almost 300lbs!! I was severely depressed for so long and food was always the one thing I could control! Skinny Fiber changed my life!! I've lost 145lbs and I have about 30 to go!! I'll get there... I'm too stubborn and determined not too!!

When I started I was on 13 different medications and today I'm medication free!! I no longer suffer with the severe pain from my fibromyalgia, no acid reflux, no so many things!! I truly believe it saved my life!! I can't exercise a lot because of my back! I was in a car accident years ago! I have three crushed vertebra, 6 bulging disc, two of which are severe, narrowing of my spinal canal, degenerative joint disease and two hemangioma's on my spine! I also have fibromyalgia and suffer from panic attacks, although I mostly have those under control.

I used to look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at me! Today I've found myself and I'm the happy, bubbly Hilaria I used to be so long ago!! I want all of you to know that if I can do it so can you!! I believe in you!

I can't put into words how finding Skinny Fiber and joining the company has changed my life! I know it's scary to try yet one more product, believe me, I tried them all! Skinny Fiber worked for me!! I just take my Skinny Fiber, get my water in, eat healthy and stay active!! Give it a chance! I'm Skinny Fiber for life and here for anyone that needs me!! Hilaria heart emoticon XOXO"

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Juanita's husband lost 20 pounds

Juanita shared her husband's weight loss results and says:

"My husbands before and the after pic on 90 day challenge and lost 20 lbs using Skinny Fiber some days he forgot to take it twice a day.

I loaned him my 90 day challenge shirt for the after pics.  You could be next!"

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Terri has lost 30 pounds and 2 sizes

Terri says:

"This is what 11 months on Skinny Fiber looks like!!!! Feel free to use!!! After seeing myself in pics from Disney World last August, I knew I had to do something and fast!!!! I started taking Skinny Fiber consistently, tracking my food and exercise through MyFitnessPal and exercising regularly. I did not deprive myself and eat all the foods I love (Pasta) just less of it!!! I have lost almost 30 Pounds and 2 Sizes!!!! Skinny Fiber Works for every body!!!! I am the worlds worst dieter and if I can do it, You are a shoe in!!!! Get Your Skinny Fiber Today!!!!!"

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Veronica is amazing!

#Awesome #SkinnyFiber #SUCCESS stories!

This is Veronica! Just AMAZING!! 

#JoinThe90DayChallenge #WeightLossHelp

Veronica has this to say..

"This is the result of my first official #SBC90daychallenge even though I have been taken Skinny Fiber for the past 23 Months. My total weight loss thus far is 20 pounds and lots of inches with Skinny Fiber before I found Skinny Fiber I lost 11 pounds with diet and exercise but I had reached a plateau. This was the best 59.95 investment I ever made. 

I feel great, my A1C has gone from 7.9 to 5.9, my blood pressure is normal, acid reflux is controlled. Not making any medical claims but when you lose weight your health improves.

Skinny Fiber flat out works! 
What are you waiting for? 
I'm proof it works!"

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hi I'm Donna and this is my roller coaster of a testimony!

Donna shared her weight loss story yesterday and says:

"Hi I'm Donna and this is my roller coaster of a testimony! 
When I started taking Skinny Fiber in January last year I weighed a whopping 248 pounds! I'm small framed and my ideal weight is 150 lbs so was and am considered obese! Years of emotional eating and not taking care of myself had caught up with me. I was so miserable! I was depressed all the time, had very low self esteem, was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, my thyroid wasn't working properly although I'd been on medicine for it for years, and I couldn't walk without my joints hurting! My heart had even enlarged slightly because of the high blood pressure. But it still didn't sink in that I was slowly killing myself. 

A friend introduced me to Skinny Fiber but I didn't begin to lose weight until months later because my body wasn't healthy enough to give up the fat. Skinny Fiber took care of that problem too by detoxing my body so that it could be ready to lose weight. 

Like others I wanted to lose weight overnight so by November I'd started to get discouraged. I started eating junk again, drinking sodas again, and I didn't take my Skinny Fiber consistently. I continued on this downward slope until February of this year. 

When I went to the doctor for my annual physical amazingly I'd lost 5 pounds but my A1C was still high. It was then that my doctor told me that if my A1C got any higher, that when I came back for my check up in June, she was going to put me on Metformin (an oral diabetic medication). THAT WAS MY WAKE UP CALL AND MY TURNING POINT! I've witnessed people I love die from complications of diabetes and I wasn't about to go out like that! I made up my mind then and there to lose weight and get healthy for life! I began taking my Skinny Fiber consistently, excersing regularly, drinking at least a gallon of water every day, going to yoga classes and eating more veggies.

In late May I noticed my clothes loosening around the midsection, but it wasn't until my June check up that I realized how much weight I'd actually lost which was a total of 17 pounds since November! Not only that, my A1C had dropped 2 points and my thyroid was working better so my doctor decreased my thyroid meds! 

I can now walk without hurting, I'm feeling more confident in myself and my energy level has skyrocketed! I admit I was too ashamed to show my before picture or any full body pictures of myself,and I still don't want to, but I can't in good faith tell people that I'm losing weight with Skinny Fiber and not show them. I'm a product of the product and I have nothing to be ashamed about; so today I put on the same outfit, had my son take the second picture, and to my amazement I saw a big difference in my belly area! My goal is to be under 200 lbs by September and with my lifestyle changes and Skinny Fiber I'm gonna reach it! 

Update to come in September!

See how Skinny Fiber can help you at

Since there is a Money Back Guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is excess weight. 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

ToniMarie took 2 capsules, 2 times per day with water and lost weight

ToniMarie says:

"I am not one who likes to bring attention to myself. I would rather focus on helping others and put myself on the back burner...It is awesome when you find others with kind of the same issues as you do. In helping a few friends dealing with their weight and issues, my eyes and mind have opened up these past few months, I didn't realize how much they were helping me and then BAM we have been supporting each other ever since."

I am an emotional eater...June is a hard month for me... 4 of my loved ones have when May comes around I automatically start eating blindly...When I started feeling the consequence of not taking my Skinny Fiber and my emotional eating... I would tell myself it's ok cause of of my emotional state.

I am so proud of Me yes I am!! I have Jumped back on with both feet...I have been back for almost a month now....Exercising, Eating Healthy, Taking my Skinny Fiber 2 capsules with my 2 biggest meals with 16 oz of water...I am drinking 1/2 my body weight in oz. of water.

I love my support team...Having a support system is so important for me...Makes me accountable...I'm not just someone behind the screen anymore.

I am feeling so much better not just Physically but Emotionally too.

How am I doing --Starting to losing again...I learned I did not have the will or want (desire) to stick to anything and I was using my emotions to be ok with feeling bad... UGH... 

Now that I am gaining success, Thanks to all of you with your likes, wonderful comments and to my support team!! 

I can get over the past of emotional eating and see the future! I have become a non emotional eater :)

I'm sharing this photo to help those in the struggle. You are not alone! Do all that you can to get there!" 

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